School Uniform and General Dress

Girls Uniform

School jumper with crest, light blue blouse, navy skirt with two pleats to the front or navy school trousers. Skirts must be knee length or longer.

Boys Uniform

School jumper with crest, grey shirt and grey school trousers.

Students are expected to:

  • Wear the FULL correct school uniform every day in school, coming to and going from school and at all school functions, unless otherwise specified.
  • Wear the Full uniform during the State examinations
  • A plain coloured t-shirt may be worn inside the shirt. No sportswear or jerseys are to be worn inside the school shirt
  • Wear appropriate navy, brown or black leather school shoes, e.g. Deck or AV8 style. Runners, boots or canvas shoes e.g. Converse, Vanns are NOT permitted
  • Wear their uniform with pride and to remember that they are ambassadors of for the school
  • Keep their uniform clean and in good repair. It is essential that students maintain a high standard of personal appearance when wearing the school uniform
  • Appearance, including hairstyle and the wearing of jewellery, must be acceptable to the school authority and must comply with health and safety regulations at all times
  • Refrain from facial piercings
  • Not have unconventional or extreme hair colouring or styles, as determined by the school management – hair must be clean, neat and tidy and boys’ hairstyles must not be longer than shirt-collar length. Boys must also be clean shaven
  • Have suitable clothing for activity/training classes – students must change into their full school uniform once activity/training class finishes.
St. Joseph's College Borrisoleigh School Uniform

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